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The World of Fera is a vast place and full of various flora and fauna. Its history spreads through several far reaching timelines and ages.

Such ages have names such as "The Age of Man", "The Age of the Üstün", "The Age of the Gods" and "The Desolation".

The World of Fera has a diameter of 15,835 miles is mostly covered in water and has several landmasses.

The largest of these land masses would be known primarily by the name "The Three Kingdoms", as the nations of Ilmaria, Umissia and Alrussia all share the same landmass. One such landmass that had once been part of the Three Kingdoms but was removed from the "Zentral Sein" was called Nargaroth; home of the Üstün Dark Lord Kräl Şah Yilmazok Aka.

The second landmass is known to the people of the Three Kingdoms as "The New World" but to the natives it is known as Pawhye and lay south of the Three Kingdoms across the Windergonie Domain.

Vadras lay to the East of the Three Kingdoms across the Shimmering Expanse with the trio of land masses; Larias, Freibruck and Kokka laying to the East of Vadras.

To the South West of Kokka and East of Pawhye lay Ikin and Vahai, bordered by the Forbidden wastes south of Kokka.

Between the land masses of Pawhye and Vahai lay the lone islands of Ablos, stretching north across the Sea of Presder.

All these Land masses circle the Dread Wastes, a vast ocean that lay at the centre of the known world map.

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